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In order to help answer your questions, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. We will be continually adding to this list over time. If your questions are not answered here, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to assist you with whatever information you may require.

Premier Academy is a soccer player development academy. Players who join us are avid and competitive players already committed to developing their game and reach their short & long term goals. Our objective in the full time team program is to improve players using the team context and get them to the next level of play. While the Skill Centre is improve the technique level and decision making ability of each player.

Premier Academy is  located in mainly Port Coquitlam. One of our new Port Coquitlam locations is very central and used for indoor futsal training throughout the key winter months of November thru February. In the past and future we have used Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, and Maple Ridge training field locations.

Players traditionally come to Premier in order to improve their game, get extra touches on the ball, 
train with like-abled players, and get professional coaching. However, one of the biggest differentials between us and other organizations is our approach to the player’s development, methods and curriculum we due during sessions. We use TOVO Institute in Barcelona, Spain for all our principles of play, methodology and 90% of our session planning.

Players generally train at the Skill Centre once a week depending on their age group and gender. The duration of each session is 75 minutes. 

The Full Team Program trains three times a week in the pre season and season for 90 minutes and twice a week indoors in the off season or indoor season for 90 minutes.

The first step is to register online to see if there’s available space in the age group. We often have wait-lists so it’s best to register early.

Yes. Whenever we have a new player apply for entry into our academy, our instructors evaluate the player to determine if Premier is an appropriate environment. Most importantly, we have to determine if there’s a suitable training group for that player. One of the main principles of our program is to have like-abled players train together. That evaluation simply takes place as they train with one of the training groups. There is no private evaluation. However, another factor we do involve is assessing the player’s personality and character. Our underlining message is to develop great soccer player and people. If their character doesn’t align with this message, then our Academy environment will not work out for that individual. 

Yes, although it doesn’t happen that often. In most cases, we turn players away 
because their respective training groups are full. However in some cases, where we feel that a player’s ability and development needs don’t match those of our training groups, we will suggest alternatives. We do this at both ends of the spectrum – where players are not as strong as others or where players are too strong for others. However, 99% of the time we can place a player in an appropriate group and within time they will be adjusted according to their ability. 

As part of our program, we continually assess our players to ensure they are in the correct grouping. One of the guiding principles of our program is to have like-abled and like-minded players train together. If you feel that the level of a training group is below your child’s standard then we ask that your child makes a point of demonstrating that in the training group. Once that becomes evident to the instructors, we will do our best to move your child to a more appropriate group.

If you feel that the level is not challenging your child then your child must make that evident to the staff by continually being the best player in the training group. In our view, any player who “plays down” to the level of their group is not ready to be elevated. This can be challenging to the players who have a tendency to “blend in” rather than “stand out”. TSS staff can only move a player if it’s demonstrated consistently that the player in question is above the level of his/her current group. We don’t place players into training groups based on where they play in their club or based on the opinion of parents.

Yes, for the full time players their are two package options to choose from and the Skill Centre has a basic Academy package. All orders are done online through our supplier Stimulus Athletic who opens an online store 4 to 5 times per year for approximately 7 to 10 days. All parents are notified for when the store is open and “live”.

All orders are in American dollars and will take 3-6 weeks on average to be shipped. All taxes, shipping and duty are included in the listed package price. All items are shipped to our head office. 

Yes, Premier has a full-time teams! We typically bio band / quality band two age brackets. Premier has U21 down to U8. Please click on Programs in our website and then Teams for more information.

Premier Academy follows a specific curriculum that comes from TOVO Institute in Barcelona, Spain. Every training group covers the same topics throughout the year. The curriculum uses a blended theory of cognition patterns and technique together. We believe that decision making ability and the execution of the technique need to be always linked together in the session’s learning. The majority of lesson plans are forcing players to solve a problem within the exercise, forced to deal with defensive pressure, time, space and which technique is the best suited for that situation. Guidance and coaching instructed will help each athlete on their decision and technique throughout the program. 

Yes.  Everyone must register online using the Playbook online software.


All registration payments are handled through Playbook software with credit card payments. We have monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually payment plans. 

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