Premier Soccer Academy

Financial Support

Premier has launched a new program where families can apply for financial support for their son or daughter. This program is to provide an outlet for families who truly need the support that want to be part of Premier’s Full Time Program. There is an application process for the student-athlete and parents/guardians. Please contact Shawn Agnew directly to apply!

Additionally, you can apply for assistance at several not for profit organizations such as KidSport, Athletics4kids, and Canadian Tire Jumpstart. To apply, there are two options , you can either apply online and you will need to have to be willing to submit your financial information online, or you can print the application and ask a financial endorser to sign such as: a School Principle, Family Doctor, or Counsellor, etc. The application timeline usually takes a month to receive an answer. 

”I am excited to break barriers on the pay to play concept and give families who need assistance a break in the cost of professional youth training if they truly need it!” – Coach Shawn Agnew

Donation Form

If you are considering donating money to our club, please use the following payment information:


Password:  soccer

Also, let us know more about yourself