Premier Soccer Academy


Ordering Info

Premier Academy has four dedicated ordering times throughout the calendar year – we may add additional timelines!


Please Visit Our NEW Online Store, order a package and/or singular items and pay. All shipments are sent to our Academy’s head office. Please double check that your number, initials, last name and SIZE is all correct.

Game Jerseys must have athlete’s last name only and typed in capital letters only. Players must have at LEAST  1 pair of shorts in their number for game purposes. 


All online prices are in American currency. Player’s jersey number, initials, last name, taxes, shipping, AND duty is INCLUDED in the price. Please be patient, all orders take a minimum of  3 – 5 weeks.

NOTE: Please receive your jersey number from Shawn Agnew. DO NOT input your own. Training Gear and Game Kit is mandatory, and must be ordered when our FACTORY is active for Premier Academy. See above timelines for Factory activity!

Click the link BELOW to visit our online store!

Length Measurements
For Jerseys and Jackets, measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom hem
For shorts and pants, measure from the top of the waistband to the bottom hem

Chest & Waist Measurements
Measure from one side to the other. (NOT AROUND the chest or waist)

Inseam Measurements
Measure from the seam connecting the legs together to the seam at the bottom hem

Pink Goalie Jersey

Pink Goalie Shorts

Training Jersey

Blue Shorts

Game Socks
$20 CAN

Purple Goalie Jersey

Purple Goalie Shorts

Training Jersey

Home Jersey

Away Jersey

Training Pants

Rain Jacket

Warm Up Top

Grey Hoody

Travel Bag

Please Contact Shawn Agnew to Order Any Item Listed Below:

Game Socks – Sizes: S, M, & L
1 for $20 

White Training Socks
$15 per pair

Travel Backpack w/ Player Initials: 
Online Only @ $55 USD

Donation Form

If you are considering donating money to our club, please use the following payment information:


Password:  soccer

Also, let us know more about yourself